Structural Characteristics Of Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

Accordance with the structure and purpose of division, hydraulic manifold blocks can be divided into a small plate, cover plate, the valve mounting plates, valve blocks, logic valve blocks, sandwich valve blocks, special valve blocks, header pipe and connecting blocks, etc. Actual system hydraulic manifold block is a block from the valve and install it on a variety of hydraulic valves, fittings, accessories and other components.

Hydraulic manifold block is integrated hydraulic system is a key component, it is both the other hydraulic components for installing the carrier, but also the chamber oil passage communication. Valve blocks are generally used rectangular shape, materials are generally aluminum, cast iron or steel.

The valve block of the hydraulic valve with the distribution of the mounting holes, through oil the holes, connecting screw holes, pin holes, a common connection hole, , in order to ensure proper communication channel without the risk of interference, technological holes is necessary to drill.

Generally, a relatively simple manifold block with at least 40-60 holes, there are slightly more than complicated hundreds, these channels form a criss-cross holes of the network. The manifold block is drilled with straight connection holes, stepped holes, threaded holes and other forms, in general are straight holes for drilling in general machining and CNC machine tools. Sometimes the connectivity requirements for a special set inclined hole, it is good to us to make the different type and form manifold blocks.