Manufacturing Precision For Hydraulic Manifolds

Hydraulic valve is a pressure oil operation with automation components, it is affected by the oil pressure control, usually associated with electromagnetic pressure control so call solenoid coils in combination. The hydraulic valve can be used for remote control station oil, gas, water pipeline system off.

The core component is the hydraulic manifold for valves, hydraulic valve manifold in the hydraulic system is used for controlling the flow direction of pressure and flow, so the machining accuracy depends on the hydraulic manifold manufacturing precision to develop the hydraulic valve control characteristics, prior to produce the manifolds the below requirements must consider:
The surface roughness of hydraulic valve manifold for mounting valves should be reach Ra0.4, the sealing surface of the end plane should reach the surface roughness Ra3.2.
In addition, the screw fittings with the outer surface installation of the vertical degree of tolerance should be at least 8 degree.
Manufacturing Precisions For Hydraulic Manifolds
All holes on the manifolds should have the general election 7H machining accuracy. The accuracy for screw in cartridge valves should be manufactured as per the catalogue screw dimensions issued by the valve producers or samples threads, mounting hole roughness needs to meet Ra0.8.

The requirements of dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances should be taken into consideration, O-ring groove in the surface roughness Ra3.2, the general flow channels of the surface roughness of Ra12.5.