Custom Aluminum, Steel Hydraulic Manifold Block

Custom Aluminum, Steel Hydraulic Manifold Block For SUN Counterbalance Valves

* Cartridge valve body, for dual counterbalance valves connection
* High quality of Aluminum materials 6061-T6 and 45# carbon steel
* Custom threaded connection available to different requirement 

Custom aluminum, steel hydraulic manifold block is designed for assembly of SUN cartridge type counterbalance  valves, the cartridge valve is threaded into the line mount body to obtain the relative fluid function. This kind is design which will able to preset the pressure before the start of hydraulic system. The line mount body for cartridge counterbalance  valve usually is made of aluminum materials, since the cartridge valve characteristics are operating under middle pressure with high rate. Please contact us for different design and special operation condition.

Custom Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold Block
Steel Hydraulic Manifold Block
Custom Aluminum Manifold Block
Custom Steel Hydraulic Manifold Block