Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Base HCVB01 Series

/Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Base HCVB01 Series

Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Base HCVB01
Width= 2.5inch/63.5mmx2.58inch/63.5mmx1.13inch/28.70mm
Threaded Ports = As per cartridge valve dimensions and threads option
Hydraulic cartridge valve bases HCVB01 series are for mounting various brands of cartridge valves, such as Sun cartridge valves, Parker cartridge valves, Eaton screw in cartridge valves, HydraForce cartridge valves etc. The base is designed as per the different cartridge dimensions and connection threads, there is a standard dimensions and custom dimension option.
The materials of hydraulic cartridge valve bases are aluminum or steel for different operation selection, the aluminum is usually acceptable for cartridge valve base, which is characteristics of light weight, easy replacement, and good looking for mounting.
Product Description:
Cartridge valve bases, for cartridge valves and pipes connection, standard design block
Raw Materials:
Aluminum alloy nos. AL6061-T6
Carbon steel: 45# steel
Working Pressure:
Aluminum 207bar/3001.50psi
Carbon steel: 500bar/7250psi
Valve Pattern:
Standard cartridge valve cavity
Surface Treatment:
Alloy Aluminum= Aluminum oxidation
Carbon steel= Black galvanization
Or Custom indication, such as colorful aluminum oxidation plated
Minimum Order Quantity:
With strong wooden box or cartons for exporting sea shipment
Items Delivery:
Depends on the quantity and standard or custom design, usually 15-30 working days
Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Base HCVB01 Series Dimensions:
Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Base HCVB01 Series Dimensions