Aluminum Hydraulic Valve Manifold Normal Flow D03NFSx3 Series

/Aluminum Hydraulic Valve Manifold Normal Flow D03NFSx3 Series

D03NFSx3 200
Width= 69.90mmx69.90mmx54.00mm

P & T Ports = 1/2” BSPP
A & B Ports= 3/8” BSPP
The D03NFSx3 aluminum hydraulic valve manifold with normal working flow are designed for the valve installation used to distribute the oil in the manifold ports. The hydraulic oil is directed from the aluminum hydraulic valve manifold through tubing to working equipment, to the executive device, normally a cylinder or hydraulic motors, as per different work advice, the different performance can be achieved in a linear or rotational manner. After the operation running, the exhaust oil is returned to the manifolds T ports to the holding reservoir though tubing. The power of streaming is generated by pumps located in or beside the reservoir. The power is ultimately discharged at the executive device by pushing an object in a linear way by direction cylinders, or pushing against motor vanes, generating a rotational action.
Product Description:
Size06mm valve installation by aluminum materials for middle pressure operation, pressure adjustment available.
Raw Materials:
Aluminum alloy nos. AL6061-T6 or Steel 45# carbon steel
Working Pressure:
Aluminum 207bar/3001.50psi, Steel Up to 600bar/8700psi
Valve Pattern:
ISO no./4401-03-02; Rexroth /WE6; Bosch/FD4-**HS-*01; Continental/ V*D03M, E*03M,V*5M; Denison/A-3D01; Nachi/SA-G01, SS-G01,DMA-G01; Parker/ D1VW; Vickers/ (K)DG4V-3
Surface Treatment:
Steel= Black galvanized or zinc plated
Alloy Aluminum= Aluminum oxidation
Operating medium:
Mineral-base fluid, emulsion, phosphate ester.
Medium temperature:
Minimum Order Quantity:
With strong wooden box or cartons for exporting sea shipment
Order Delivery:
Depends on the quantity and standard or custom design, usually 5-12 working days
Threaded: BSP (Please indicated for the detail), Metric, NPT etc. can be custom.
There are some options of hydraulic manifolds needed to be indicated before manufacturing include pipe connection ports threads, relief valve cavities, gauge ports, oversize ports and isolation plugs,
Aluminum Hydraulic Valve Manifold Normal Flow D03NFSx3 Series Ordering Code and Dimension Size:
Aluminum Hydraulic Valve Manifold Normal Flow D03NFSx3 Series Ordering Code and Dimension Size