What Is A Hydraulic Manifold?

A hydraulic manifold is a key component for integrated hydraulic system, it is both the other hydraulic components for installing the valves or other parts, but also to connect oil channels for different hydraulic purpose and hydraulic systems. The standard hydraulic manifold for valves are generally used rectangular shape, materials are generally aluminum, malleable iron or carbon steel.

Various or same pattern of hydraulic valves holes, connection hoes, screw holes, pin holes, connection channels are designed on the distribution of hydraulic manifold, in order to ensure proper connection channel without each channel interference, the technological hole may  sometimes also need to set.

Generally a relatively simple hydraulic manifolds with at least 40-60 holes, there are hundreds if slightly more complicated, these channels form a criss-cross holes of the network, there are numerous of the light holes, stepped holes, threaded holes and other forms on the manifold six sides, in general are straight holes for drilling in general machining and CNC machine tools. Sometimes, the inclined holes requirements for a special design, drilling angle of inclined hole is the key for production.

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