Hydraulic Control Valve Manifold Standard ISO-4401 D03PCx1 Series

Width= 70mmx70mmx70 up to 530mm

A, P, B & T Ports = 3/8” Rc

The ISO-4401 D03PCx1 Series of hydraulic control valve manifold are standard valve block, the valve manifold in the hydraulic system is very common and very important component, with a compact, maintenance, installation, adjustment and replacement of hydraulic components and convenient.

The manufacturing processing of the hydraulic control valve manifold is produced by holes drilling, boring, planning and other processing methods. Sometimes, in order to avoid interference between each holes, key technology must be used, thus increasing the hydraulic valve block of the complexity of the internal hole by mechanical processing methods generally can’t form a streamlined hole, rectangular hole turn more, leading to complex structures.

Product Description:
ISO 4401 hydraulic directional valve pattern size for size6mm valve installation mounting for normal pressure hydraulic systems

Raw Materials:
Aluminum alloy nos. AL6061-T6 or Steel 45# carbon steel
Working Pressure:
Aluminum 207bar/3001.50psi, Steel Up to 600bar/8700psi
Valve Pattern:
ISO no./4401-03-02; Rexroth /WE6; Bosch/FD4-**HS-*01; Continental/ V*D03M, E*03M,V*5M; Denison/A-3D01; Nachi/SA-G01, SS-G01,DMA-G01; Parker/ D1VW; Vickers/ (K)DG4V-3
Surface Treatment:
Steel= Black galvanized or zinc plated
Alloy Aluminum= Aluminum oxidation
Operating medium:
Mineral-base fluid, emulsion, phosphate ester.
Medium temperature:
Minimum Order Quantity:
With strong wooden box or cartons for exporting sea shipment
Order Delivery:
Depends on the quantity and standard or custom design, usually 5-12 working days
Threaded: BSP (Please indicated for the detail), Metric, NPT etc. can be custom.
There are some options of hydraulic manifolds needed to be indicated before manufacturing include pipe connection ports threads, relief valve cavities, gauge ports, oversize ports and isolation plugs,
Hydraulic Control Valve Manifold Standard ISO-4401 D03PCx1 Series Ordering Code and Dimension Size:
Hydraulic Control Valve Manifold Standard ISO-4401 D03PCx1 Series Ordering Code and Dimension Size

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