Standard Or Custom Design Hydraulic Manifold Blocks Manufacturer

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Hydraulic Manifolds

The hydraulic bar manifolds meet standard of DIN24 340, ISO 4401 and CETOP-RP 121H valves, aluminum and steel are available for different pressures. Our items are smooth surface for sealing, clean threaded for connection and precision holes size guarantee flow rate.

Hydraulic Valve Subplates

The hydraulic valve subplates are produced according to DIN 24 340 type A, the mounting surface meets the standard of ISO 4401, CETOP, NFPA porting pattern. Good looking of blacken color treatment as to prevent steel rust, fine processing of clean inner holes.

Custom Manifold Blocks

We also manufacture custom design manifolds and blocks. The raw materials of alloy aluminum and high strength steel are available, the surface treatment including aluminum oxide and steel black galvanization. The OEM and in any kinds of manifold blocks are welcome.

Hydraulic Valve Blocks Integrated Hydraulics

Hydraulic valve blocks are manufactured for cartridge valve threaded connect and modular valve subplate mounting. Alloy aluminum or carbon steel materials available, Max. pressure up to 31.5Mpa(4567.50psi), standard or custom industrial cavity and threaded.
We want to thank you for the products that you have been delivering us since we started our business, all these models seem running well, we get good feedback from our customers, we hoping the fluid market will become bigger soon in our area!____Comment by one of our customer from Europe
Actually the package is coming to us for our new fluid equipment, it works reliable under pressure, no problem until now!!!_____Our customer from Brazil